Our exceptional team of leaders guides us to meet the highest standards of sisterhood, integrity, and academic excellence. These sisters passionately and confidently serve as the pillars upon which our sorority prospers.

  • Sydney Smith

  • Avery Kohler

    Assistant New Member Educator
  • Tori Kuzmanovski

    Co-Recruitment Chair
  • Maggie Ozias

    Co-Recruitment Chair and Membership Educator
  • Meredith Detweiler

    Corporate Chair and Historian
  • Sophie Weitzel

    Director of Alumnae Relations
  • Chloe Skiles

    Director of Media
  • Brittany Bush

    Director of Fundraising
  • Katelyn Kubalanza

    Director of Apparel
  • Veronica Giordano

    Director of Community Service
  • Elizabeth LaRochelle

    Director of Ritual
  • Jadyn Henry

    Social Chair
  • Morgan Zainea

    VP of Communications/Secretary
  • Abigale Lewis

    VP of Programming
  • Kimberly Romph

    VP of Finance/Treasurer
  • Elizabeth Nicometo

    VP of Standards
  • Isabella Cureton

    VP of New Member Education/Member Educator
  • Morgan Stanczuk

    VP of Personnel
  • Heather Noonan

    Standards Board
  • Joelle Eaves

    Standards Board
  • Mariah Seybold

    Standards Board
  • Sarah Palmer

    Standards Board